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Hi This game is a very good game and i wait for new update.and i download the latest version for android.but when i try to install apk it says cannot their any wrong or how to fix it.and thanks for the best game.


falls du beim uebersetzen Hilfe brauchst, bin gerne bereit

Hi, danke für das Angebot. Für Englisch oder auch andere Sprachen? Für Englisch habe ich schon einen Editor.

How does one interact with the daughter? The only time I can interact with her is whenever she does dishes and I cant give her a gift then?

Gifts can you give her in her room. You can jog with her and later going swim and shopping if you raise your stats.


Great game. Playing on Galaxy Note 10+. Can't seem to learn how to fish. I purchased the fishing gear, but can't figure out where to use it, or how to learn.

Hi, thank you. You have to buy a book and read them in the Living room. But that's all for now. Fishing will be activated in one of the next updates


That's what I figured, but there's something wrong with the screen formatting when in the store. I can't see the book to buy it.

I try in one of the next updates to make the shopsite easier.

The android download link only gives you the patch file not the game

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You need to install it. It's a APK file.

Uhm your apk isn't working like an apk. When you click the download it should take you to a screen that says are you sure you want to install and then you click install then once it's done you can open the app and play the game. 

If you could fix this I'd really appreciate it cause it looks like a great game that I'd be willing to throw some money at for support but Im an Android user and can't experience it

Thanks for response. I have a look at this. But it is not a apk for a shop, because that it could be that you have to download it first and execute then. I don't know. A other guy say to me that he has only execute the file and it works.
I have a look for the next update.


I've just sunken over 4 hours exploring every little detail i could find, love the game so far and am really looking forward to more content! ♥


Thank you very much. I'm glad that you like it. :)
The Scene Planner is in the moment out of the date, so not all scenes are in.
In the next update i try to put in some "End of the build" informations .


I've played thru on the Mac ver 45e and have had a couple of times where going to the park and movie theater causes an exception where the program is looking for a file that it cannot find but I click ignore for the park & you can then go to the MC sitting on a bench. However, the theater exception continues to  one after another until it ends up moving the time to 2300 & then it clears.  Neither issue is a crash.  I can save the text files for you to see if you want them.  Other than that, everything plays well and I am thoroughly enjoying the game.

Thank you very much. :)
Yes it would be great because you are the first which report it. ;)
Perhaps it is a file using problem. Did you copy the files in a new folder?

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I have two traceback text files, one for the theater & the other for the park.  I am on Discord so I just posted them in your bug reporting channel.

We have solve it. :)


Thanks again.