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Looks great this far ;-)

Thank you. :) Enjoy it.


Hi , I can't go to helena house . Why???

Where is her house ?????

if you have not finished the landfill the message is wrong. (Its fixed in 0.62)
Best regards.


Hello, i have a request. Can u add a Mega port for the android version? Cus it says  its forbidden if i download from the actual browser. And i want to play this game so bad:3

Hi DimsRzz,
which version of Android do you have?
Perhaps this can help: 

or this: How to Fix Android App Not Installed Error? (

Or trying another browser?

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I still cannot download it, and the tips from ur link doesn't help the problem and by the way my android version is 5.1. I will glad if u add a Mega port sir. Cus it's the easiest way to download. 

Okay, you can download it on Discord: 
or here Download current public version: : Xagrims_Gameforge (

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 I can't found the link you gave to me inside the discord...

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I have answer you in Discord. ;) You can find it in the download channel.  :)

is part 2 available now?


Update .61 android isn't installing fully. Re-download and attempted 5 or 6 times, and continues to say "app not installed" it also removed previous versions.

Hm do you have enough space? i think you need at least 5-6 GB.
Perhaps would this help, too? or this: How to Fix Android App Not Installed Error? (

About 96gb left in storage. Restarted phone 3 times. Was able to dl and install a 2.93gb game shortly after, and another 946mb after that. I'll keep trying, otherwise I'll wait til next update and try again.

I went in and manually deleted every trace of the game. Something about the save files perhaps? Installed fine after that.

Don't know but Ren'Py has an update. You can backup your saves: Release the 0.61 for Public | Xagrim's Gameforge on Patreon


Where can I download the 2nd part so I can move to the city? I've already spent the time an effort grinding for the Move

hey can we buy a new house that is shown on the tv , if we can so how can we buy it?

It is not possible in the first part.

is there only one scene with jenny or there are any more?

There are a lot of scenes with Jenny.

how to approach her?

It depends on how you are now. You have to meet her at Monday and listen what she says. Buying a lot of different gifts.

i bought her a chocolate and nothing happened do i have to do it regularly?

You have buy it and visit her and give it to her, after this you need a lot of flowers.

Deleted post

To meet Jill you have to go jogging at Friday after 18:00 with a very high Fitness level.
Fot Jenny i don't know at which point you are. Perhaps you need a book or soemthing else otherwise try to visit her ans use all choices (and read the text ;)).

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hey it shows to meet her on wednesday at the bar but when i go there she did not seem to be there whats the solution

I think you mean Lin not Jill.
You have invite her to the bar about the cinema.

Idk if it's only by problem, but can't download for android this last version. At some point Chrome says" Forbidden " and in the download page the download is failed. I've tried 4 time. 

Perhaps it could be help: 

How to Fix Android Won’t Download Apps | Technobezz

Thx but not, is not that problem. I've downloaded other apps from itch and no problem, but this version of the game seems corrupted or something like that 

Hm sorry. I have look and a few houndreds have download it. I have test it on Windows and the file could be downloaded.
Don't know.


How do I correct this error?? I think this is interrupting the story. 

You can find the hotfix here or wait for the 0.60.

Release the 0.59b for Public; Hotfix | Xagrim's Gameforge on Patreon

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I don't get what is the use of the library card. Can you guide?

Also, I have now more than 23000 Novos. What's the use for that? Do I move to the city? If yes, how?

Moreover, does sex happens with Nina?

The library card is not in use atm.
You should put the Novos at the ATM into REA to get more scenes with the wife.
No but many other things in her house.

Deleted post

Thank you. Today comes the new 059b. :)
Yes it gives a lot of to do in the game. And the Scene Checker that will come next year will help to find it better.

Thanks for the advice i'm not into Android and my helping hand for android was a long time offline.

1. I don't exactly what do you mean, red box? If you click on the water with the angel you get a fish or not.
2.If you play from the beginning without cheats you shouldn't lost content.
3. Perhaps your stats are not high enough or the cutscenes shows not up
4. You need it for Jenny

Deleted post

yes it has no influence on other stories.
In the future it will give an alternate route.

Bruh ..i can't download it in Android version..idk why they are not start to download

Hm do you have enough space? i think you need at least 4 GB.
Perhaps would this help, too?


alright thanks ^_^

Umm..hi ..just wanted to ask before i download it , does it can really play on Android? And my Android version is 9  could it go on? Or will have a problem with it? :)

Yes it will work for all versions.


i fund a bug
If you try to "massage" lisas´s pussy the game crashed =C


thank you for reporting. Fixed in 0.60.

Best regards



Also when you go swimming with lisa after she catches you

Thanks, fixed in 0.60, too.



Hey, ich kann bei der aktuellen Version 0.57(Windows) nicht mehr in den "Shop".

Bekomme den grauen Bildschirm mit der Meldung "An exception has occured".

Habe das Spiel schon drei mal neu heruntergeladen, aber der Fehler bleibt bestehen.

Bitte um Hilfe.


schwer zu sagen, hast du ein Screenshot von der gesamten Fehlermeldung bzw. ein Save?



Hier die Fehlermeldung.

Hier habe kommt noch eine Fehlermeldung im Kino.

Das sieht mir so aus als wenn das Save kaputt wäre. Mal mit einem anderen versucht?

Habe das Spiel neu begonnen.

Jetzt funktioniert alles wieder.


Android APK, build 0.57(?)

Maxed out Michelle and Lisa. 

Zero progress with Nina. 

No relationship bar with Nina shown. 

Zero corruption. 

Bug? Able to fix? 

Minimal English because CC is not native English. 


Not able to progress with Michelle, "Buy new outfit for wife" (Saturday 1200-1400)

Only option is Lisa, option is already completed.

if you have buy the black/red dress it's the last. Some fixes in the next version

Nina bug is fixed in the next version

i cant make anyprogress with nina help

Where are you stuck exactly? You have to go to cinema/pool and raise the relation. If it is high enough you can raise her corruption.

o maxed out relation and i cant do anything for corruption 

If you go to Tuesday to the pool then you have the possibilitie to make her compliments.

I’ve done that nothing 

And try it on Thursday until Saturday at Cinema, too?


Can anyone please help me i have downloaded the game completely 3 times and it always says the app not installed i really want to play the game.

Please help!!!


it could happens because of insufficient storage space needed to install the app 4 GB free space should be enough.

Best regards.



I enjoyed the game a lot. Looking forward to seeing what comes from the project!

Thank you, Have fun with it.

Deleted post

Thank you very much. :)
Jill was the girl in the park. She needs some training.
After you was at Nina's house and see the last scene it's nothing more in the park.

how i can end mission "On Sunday Between 12-14 it s swimming time with your daughter

You have to go to the pool and invite her then.

i do this xxx time but don't work and still have this in mission

It is a repeatable event.


Hi , ive been saving 20k novos now . Whats my next step ? Idk how to go to niveria city :/ help ? 

Btw i reallyy like the story line. And also the game. Its pretty simple. But the best !


thank you. :)

The next city is no inside the game.

Best regards



why do you tease us with lisa but not making it able to fuck her ???

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Please, see the post below.

Hi, I think I talk to everyone to know if in the future we can have sex with Lisa or see how they fuck her, it would be great, we are all waiting for that, so my question is if that will happen in the future or will never happen. go through or if I have already gone through that I have seen an image in other places of how she shows her tits to her dad through the door hole but in this last update that scene still does not come out. Regards
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Sex with Lisa is not possible in the first part . But it will give other kinky situations. Yes this picture is from on old RPG version and will come up in one of the next four updates. Watching her will possible, too.
More informations about the game you can find in the FAQ or on the Homepage.

Best regards.



So I tried your game again and played the daughter route. I did everything I could to get away from a sharing route like getting angry when someone looks or anything in that like that but in the end she got a boyfriend? I don't get it why would she get a boyfriend if I was strictly trying to get away from that route? Now its your game and I'm no one to tell you what to do but why would she get a boyfriend when I chose to get away from that route?


Thank's for response.
It's easy to explain, because it gives not really incest in the game, it gives no love or share routes for her.But it's a Simulation/RPG and she is a Teenager.  You have influence on her reaction on you with your choices that makes other routes possible (in the future with her best friend or the sister of her Boyfriend ) And of Course you can avoid to see explicit scenes. Some more informations are in the FAQ.

Best regards


i really do wonder if we can have sex with Lisa and the black girl. if we can, how? i maxed everything about the characters.

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Sex with Lisa is not possible. Do you mean Nina? Do you walk with her in the park? With one of the next updates it comes more about Nina.

Deleted post

Thank you very much. :)
Position 4 isn't inside the game yet.

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So I just played the game with the intention to skip the sharing route.. But I found out you get many more scenes if you pick the sharing options and you also get an animated sex scene if pick sharing routs and all these scenes you can't get unless you pick sharing wife.... And my question is why? Do we have to be a cuck to enjoy sex scenes? I was planning to support you on patron but definitely not anymore. I won't support someone who forces you to play as a cuck if you want good scenes. Goodjob developer 👏👏.

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Hi, thanks for the feedback. It's important to get it. It gives three routes in the game: love, exi and sharing. Because it's in development not all routes are full. But i have ask often the question if the routes are clear enough, but get only few answers about it. But it is clear if you are not raise exi or sharing your wife would not be show off in the park. But all have the same animations or little bit different, but it shouldn't give exclusive animations for a route.  Perhaps it's a bug, i'll check it.
 For example the first bar visit, you should see on all routes the animation but with diferent dialogues, but as i checked it now, it's missed. That's why i need feedback about it. In the moment i'm working on more stuff for the love route.

Best regards.

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I mean why does it say app not installed

Yes it happens because of insufficient storage space needed to instal the app.

4 GB free space will enough. 

I have save up to 11,000 novos how can i move to the next city

The next city isn't in the first part.

hello,can you tell me how to move to the next city?  I have save up to 20000 novos

I really don't know how to go on

The next City is not in

All right, thanks

No Problem. It would give more to do in the first city. :)


Do you know if it will be in the next release? This game is amazing


Here you can find the Dates.

Thank you. :) Perhaps you can rate it if you want? :P

When i download the latest version fo unistall the previous one ?

Normally not.


Hi This game is a very good game and i wait for new update.and i download the latest version for android.but when i try to install apk it says cannot their any wrong or how to fix it.and thanks for the best game.

Hi, thank you. :)
Hm i check it, but you are the first who post it.


falls du beim uebersetzen Hilfe brauchst, bin gerne bereit

Hi, danke für das Angebot. Für Englisch oder auch andere Sprachen? Für Englisch habe ich schon einen Editor.

How does one interact with the daughter? The only time I can interact with her is whenever she does dishes and I cant give her a gift then?

Gifts can you give her in her room. You can jog with her and later going swim and shopping if you raise your stats.

Deleted post

Hi, thank you. You have to buy a book and read them in the Living room. But that's all for now. Fishing will be activated in one of the next updates

Deleted post

I try in one of the next updates to make the shopsite easier.

The android download link only gives you the patch file not the game

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You need to install it. It's a APK file.

Uhm your apk isn't working like an apk. When you click the download it should take you to a screen that says are you sure you want to install and then you click install then once it's done you can open the app and play the game. 

If you could fix this I'd really appreciate it cause it looks like a great game that I'd be willing to throw some money at for support but Im an Android user and can't experience it

Thanks for response. I have a look at this. But it is not a apk for a shop, because that it could be that you have to download it first and execute then. I don't know. A other guy say to me that he has only execute the file and it works.
I have a look for the next update.

Deleted 2 years ago

Thank you very much. I'm glad that you like it. :)
The Scene Planner is in the moment out of the date, so not all scenes are in.
In the next update i try to put in some "End of the build" informations .


I've played thru on the Mac ver 45e and have had a couple of times where going to the park and movie theater causes an exception where the program is looking for a file that it cannot find but I click ignore for the park & you can then go to the MC sitting on a bench. However, the theater exception continues to  one after another until it ends up moving the time to 2300 & then it clears.  Neither issue is a crash.  I can save the text files for you to see if you want them.  Other than that, everything plays well and I am thoroughly enjoying the game.

Thank you very much. :)
Yes it would be great because you are the first which report it. ;)
Perhaps it is a file using problem. Did you copy the files in a new folder?

(1 edit) (+1)

I have two traceback text files, one for the theater & the other for the park.  I am on Discord so I just posted them in your bug reporting channel.

We have solve it. :)


Thanks again.  

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