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Hi. Just came across the latest update (0.70a). I would like to see more of Michelle getting corrupted ;) if possible for the next update.

Michelle will be in the 0.71, too. ;)


super good game. would like to see more sexy photo shoots with Michelle, and hopefully you have some plans to further the fun with Lisa soon.

Hi, thank you. :)

It will give more photoshoots with Michelle this year ;)

Some new things with Lisa will be coming soon.


When I go buy Markus flowers for his gf/wife, it takes me to the store but shows no novo's and won't let me do anything. I have to back out. Android

Is this only in this case or every time if you visit the shop?


only in this case, if I just go visit the shop it's fine. I have flowers in my inventory.

Okay thanks i check it.

hi, how can i meet jill?

Hi, do you have look into the Scene Checker? They are hints for that. ;)

how do i do that ?

In the menu, if you hit escape.

Hey bro on every time I download the new update...i should start from the first so please provide saves when you release next update. By the way I love your game...its really Thrilling

Hi, thank you. :)
Yes for Android you need to backup your save.
You can find here help: Release the 0.68 for Public | Xagrim's Gameforge on Patreon

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How can I meet mia on day 8 as she knows that mc is being kicked out of pool. And where to meet her at which time.

You have to go work at the farm after smome time she will come. You can look in the Scene Checker for help.

Hi, the game froze at the part where the MC was giving Lisa a back massage. Is that normal?

Hi, what do you mean? You can't go back to the menu or only the scene froze? On which system do you play? You can't click with the hand on Lisa?


I want to ask before downloading this game. There is a Cheating tag, do we get cheated on or someone else??


The mc cheats.

 I can't download the update for my version (0.66) is there a problem with the Android version or do I have to reinstall the game and start from 0??

Perhaps this can help: Release the 0.67 for Public | Xagrim's Gameforge on Patreon

For those of us experiencing this issue, do you know if this will recur every update? I don't want to keep starting from beginning so trying to decide whether to restart now or just wait for the final version lol

Unfortunaly yes if you don't backup your save like mentioned in the post you have to start from beginning.

How to do that

You can find help here: Release the 0.68 for Public | Xagrim's Gameforge on Patreon

Deleted 1 year ago

Hm sorry for Mac i have no idea why the save is gone. Happens it after you load the update? Perhaps you can make a backup before?

Deleted 1 year ago



hey there. I just wish to report a bug about the Lisa's boyfriend part. In older versions we could have dinner together with her boyfriend and peek on them. However in the latest versions when that part comes, it directly skips everyting. Just for your information.  

 The game is one of my favorites. It is a great game. seems like a lot more content will be added so that is why I wanted to report this problem. Seems like there will not be any actual thing between the Dad and Lisa, so it would be nice for Lisa to do something real with his bf and let us watch it  :)


thank you i check it.
Thank you, have fun. ;) It will come. ;)

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Just have to say this is probably the most promising game of this kind I have played. So many small isolated stories merged into one mans life. Just love it. However, I had to make myself a cheat mod as earning money and keep refreshing/bathing my self got a bit too much after a while. Now my stats are always at 100% and money at 100.000.  Also I added adjusting days via my cheat mod. 

Some games comes with inbuilt cheat mode - something to consider?  Perhaps for your Patreon supporters? 

Also, with so many girls and women you have to give attention to at different times of the week, a notepad where those thing are kept would be nice to have. 

Was Friday Jenny's day, or Lisa? - too many women to keep track on, while constantly horny while playing. 

Keep up the good work on this game. 

thank you. :)
If you use cheats it is possible that you oversee some situations, because of this it will give no official cheat mode.

In the 0.66 is the new Scene Checker BETA included. It and the notes on your phone should help to find the situations.

Thank you that's good. :)

How do I progress Jenny? I've done multiple playthrough but everytime I do Jenny, she tells me she has a bf and all I can do is check her out afterwards.

You need a gift for her, do you have buy some gifts for her? Like flowers?

I bought her chocolate the first time, then flowers 2 times

She gives hints. Perhaps you have some books in your inventar. ;)

I had pretty much done everything in v0.63 and had about 20k in the bank. However having upgraded my phone and  installed a new version of Android I can no longer access my save files (even via pc cable). Is their a way to do this or will I have to start again?

Perhaps this can help:

Release the 0.64a for Public |  Xagrim's Gameforge auf Patreon


you should look into changing the bathroom options. the freshen up option is pointless since it only gives you %40 hygiene when showering give you 100 and takes the same amount of time might I suggest changing the freshen up to take no time like brushing your teeth or something like that


Thanks for the advice, i have a look.

Deleted 1 year ago

ok, i did the photoshoot with my wife, i let the gnome to watch. Then on saturday i choose the photoshooting again and tell him to give me novos to watch my wife, doing that now i´m able to see the couple?

It has nothing to do with the other guys. If you at this point it seems so you doesn't have let the couple watching during the photoshoots. Yoe have to choice for every shoot if it is possible to go to the park and then let the couple watch. if you don't do it. Then the couple event shows not up.


is there a way to fuck the daughter

i need a walktr. with the massage is it going further ? (0.63)

In some of the next updates the first things for the "Scene Checker" will be inside.

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The ages don't make sense... My character is 40 and been married for 25 years? That means I married at 15 years old.

Otherwise, it's an okay game. I like the 'hidden stats' (don't want to give them away). Don't mind that the wife is hairy, glad the daughter is adopted and can be corrupted. It just gets kind of tedious. I maxed the affection of Michelle and the corruption of Lisa, played a bit longer but then got kinda bored.

Thanks for the advice, it should be midforty, i will change it.
It give a lot of sidechars to explore.

hi i can´t do the photoshoot, i´ve tried everything, staying in the bench for weeks at 23:00 and nothing, what can i do ?

Hio you have to raise the Relation with your wife and put money into the REA. Then the shoots starts automatic.

how much money do i need to have in the REA, and how much relation?

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I had at this point around ~15-20k and maxed relations.

i have more than 25k and max relation and nothing :( 


Do you have put in the bank account? (REA)

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My quick thoughts after 1st playthrought (few hours).

Game seems interesting, it's for sure different take compared to most games of that kind, but it's kind of on the grindy/repeat side and that don't help with starting it from the beginning few times. The fact that some events trigger one every week don't help, the "skip rest of the day" button on map would help a lot at some point (I know you can do it in the bedroom put it's extra clicks). Not fan of hidden stats but most of the times it's easy to tell what is what.

Even thought I maxed Mich and Lisa I didn't really meet many more characters, some tips in game with where you can meet people would be nice (or at least info it it's still possible to meet them - like I had few times event with bicycle girls and have totally no idea what to do about it, since she told me they moving I assume at this point I can just change job [edit] after some weeks Karen appeared for 1 event and then again nothing - unless I picked wrong option)

I still don't know how I lost Mel (the description was about lower risk at the first meting with her but that exactly what I did so no idea, also 1st meting was like few hour earlier so that didn't help much - any way to reset this event?).

According to gallery I somehow missed tons of content, just Lisa have many scenes that I apparently missed, dunno if it's because of beta gallery or I play this game wrong. Also, from what I read from the comments It seems like there is still a little more Lisa content but I'm stuck with a loop massage/pool without new content, weird.
BTW: out of curiosity, does Lisa always get a boyfriend or we can influence it with choices? Is there any more... serious content planned with MC and Lisa or it will stay like it's now (no touch)? I mean, since she is not real MC daughter I'm curious... :P

Grinding Jill just so the content can end before fun was low blow. :P

Most important events happen one day of the week at the same time for Mich and Lisa, kind of annoying (pool for example).

You can't buy cheaper fishing license from Mr. Petter because there is "no new jobs"

But yea, game have potential, will happily check the new update (btw: so much teasing everywhere here without proper final - if you know what I mean :P), keep up a good work.

Thank you for the feedback. :) I have a look on some points.
A new Scene Checker is in work.

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Yea, meantime I finished whole game and have better understanding how it works, found all characters, did all the scenes.

Honestly, the strongest part of the game is teasing and build up with every scene, I assume that's why they trigger once every week often at the same time so you have to choose. Even thought normally I'm not a fan of some tags (share for example) I must say that they are pretty well written and the whole slow pace make them even better, good job with that, it's easy to make sex scene but it's hard to make hot scene without sex and here it work great.

Saying that, few of my original points is still valid I think, the bicycle girls is still my nemesis because they triggered kind of randomly once every few weeks (and I'm still not sure if there is more content with Karen after that one scene). Finding new character may be hard when you 1st time play the game because it require be in correct place on correct day and the fact they are often overlap on one day when on other there is just nothing to do feels sometimes bad. Some of this problem will not be a real problem when the game will have ending.

At the end of my playthrough I ended up with one girl on Monday so skipping to that day was paaain in the ass. :)

Still hope for more... Lisa content, but I know how patreon work so I don't hold my breath for full course with her.

It may be not be clear from my 1st review but this game overall is really good and I enjoyed it more than I expected. It also made me think about things. :P

So yea, great work!

Thank you. In the moment i work on the new Scene Checker to make it easier to know w´hat is inside the game.

hi, i can´t find the photoshoot couple, what do i need to do??

After they saw your wife photoshoot try to relax at park bench Sunday (i picked 3h on 17:00).

nop, nothing. I remember to let the couple watch because i want a sharing path but i can´t. How i met the couple for the first time?

Hmm, I did the couple at  the end of my gameplay so it's hard for me to tell what else you need to do to trigger them, for sure you need all the photo session with your wife but you probably did it. The only other thing that come to my mind is the girl at the bridge in the park at night (bench 23:00), there is two or three event there with the couple. Also you should try call Marcus at the bench 23:00 because there is some talk about photo sessions. Did you did that two things?

yes, i´ve finished the talk with Marcus and unlocked the part of the girl in the bridge, but not any couple 

Honestly no idea what else you have to do, I just camped park bench for a whole week and got it on that Sunday.

how do i unlock the photoshoot?

Latest Android update fails to load. Is this common problem of the Renpy update which means you can't update without uninstall and losing progress first? Hate to start again... 

For Android you have to backup your save then.
Some tipps you can find here:

Release the 0.63 for Public | Xagrim's Gameforge on Patreon


Mate i really love your game! Thx for this great work.

isnt today the release for 0.63 public? I'm waiting the hole day :)

Thank you. :)

Yes its out now. ;)


Bro great work u have wish your best waiting for update
is there another game u guys can recommend like this one wife share and stuff like that ?

Thank you. :)
Hm not yet.

how do i get a footjob??

You can get it with your wife, Nina and Jenny.

How do you progress the lisa sunday massage scenes past one massage?

If you do the "false" choice the route is for the moment closed. But it one of the next update it will give an alternate activation chance.

CAUTION: My windows defender quarantined a severe virus from version .62 windows download.  (Trojan:Win32/Ymacco.AA1D)

Yes, its a false positive. Ren'Py is updated to 64bit and the 32bit makes this problems. The newest update of Ren'py which i use in 0.63 should fix this problem, or reduce the messages.


Looks great this far ;-)

Thank you. :) Enjoy it.


Hi , I can't go to helena house . Why???

Where is her house ?????

if you have not finished the landfill the message is wrong. (Its fixed in 0.62)
Best regards.


Hello, i have a request. Can u add a Mega port for the android version? Cus it says  its forbidden if i download from the actual browser. And i want to play this game so bad:3

Hi DimsRzz,
which version of Android do you have?
Perhaps this can help: 

or this: How to Fix Android App Not Installed Error? (

Or trying another browser?

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I still cannot download it, and the tips from ur link doesn't help the problem and by the way my android version is 5.1. I will glad if u add a Mega port sir. Cus it's the easiest way to download. 

Okay, you can download it on Discord: 
or here Download current public version: : Xagrims_Gameforge (

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 I can't found the link you gave to me inside the discord...

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I have answer you in Discord. ;) You can find it in the download channel.  :)

is part 2 available now?


Update .61 android isn't installing fully. Re-download and attempted 5 or 6 times, and continues to say "app not installed" it also removed previous versions.

Hm do you have enough space? i think you need at least 5-6 GB.
Perhaps would this help, too? or this: How to Fix Android App Not Installed Error? (

About 96gb left in storage. Restarted phone 3 times. Was able to dl and install a 2.93gb game shortly after, and another 946mb after that. I'll keep trying, otherwise I'll wait til next update and try again.

I went in and manually deleted every trace of the game. Something about the save files perhaps? Installed fine after that.

Don't know but Ren'Py has an update. You can backup your saves: Release the 0.61 for Public | Xagrim's Gameforge on Patreon


Where can I download the 2nd part so I can move to the city? I've already spent the time an effort grinding for the Move

hey can we buy a new house that is shown on the tv , if we can so how can we buy it?

It is not possible in the first part.

is there only one scene with jenny or there are any more?

There are a lot of scenes with Jenny.

how to approach her?

It depends on how you are now. You have to meet her at Monday and listen what she says. Buying a lot of different gifts.

i bought her a chocolate and nothing happened do i have to do it regularly?

You have buy it and visit her and give it to her, after this you need a lot of flowers.

Deleted post

To meet Jill you have to go jogging at Friday after 18:00 with a very high Fitness level.
Fot Jenny i don't know at which point you are. Perhaps you need a book or soemthing else otherwise try to visit her ans use all choices (and read the text ;)).

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hey it shows to meet her on wednesday at the bar but when i go there she did not seem to be there whats the solution

I think you mean Lin not Jill.
You have invite her to the bar about the cinema.

Idk if it's only by problem, but can't download for android this last version. At some point Chrome says" Forbidden " and in the download page the download is failed. I've tried 4 time. 

Perhaps it could be help: 

How to Fix Android Won’t Download Apps | Technobezz

Thx but not, is not that problem. I've downloaded other apps from itch and no problem, but this version of the game seems corrupted or something like that 

Hm sorry. I have look and a few houndreds have download it. I have test it on Windows and the file could be downloaded.
Don't know.


How do I correct this error?? I think this is interrupting the story. 

You can find the hotfix here or wait for the 0.60.

Release the 0.59b for Public; Hotfix | Xagrim's Gameforge on Patreon

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I don't get what is the use of the library card. Can you guide?

Also, I have now more than 23000 Novos. What's the use for that? Do I move to the city? If yes, how?

Moreover, does sex happens with Nina?

The library card is not in use atm.
You should put the Novos at the ATM into REA to get more scenes with the wife.
No but many other things in her house.

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